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Dress Code:
To ensure professionalism and safety, we maintain a dress code for classes:

  • Primary - pink or black leotard with short or long sleeves, pink ballet tights, highland, ballet or gymnastic shoes
  • Juniors - black leotard with short or long sleeves, white tights, dance shorts (optional), highland shoes
  • Advanced & Seniors - white dance tights or close-fitting leggings (lower leg should be covered), dance shorts (optional), t-shirts (not oversized) are acceptable, highland ghillies (white socks preferred)
  • Boys - dance shorts above the knee, t-shirt (not oversized), knee socks, highland ghillies

Hair should be tied back from face. No jewellery is to be worn.

(Most of these garments are widely available at the Bay, Zellers, Walmart, etc. Shoes and specialty items are available at Malabar and Brio. Both Malabar and Brio have our dress requirements.)

To Bring to Class:
All Dancers: Notebooks and pens
Primary/Beginners: Skipping rope, 2 meter sticks
All Others: Jig shoes, skirt, swords

Please come to your classes at least 10 minutes early, so that you have time to change and prepare for class. Consistent attendance will benefit your overall learning, confidence and knowledge, and will ensure that you do not fall behind the rest of your class.

If you know you are going to be away, please notify your teacher, or KR, as your absence does affect lesson planning. If you are sick on a Saturday class day, please notify your teacher as early as possible. For weekday evening classes call or email your teacher during the day to notify her if you are unable to attend.

Note: No food (especially peanut products) or gum are allowed in any studio. Teachers will give water breaks during each class.

Come mentally and physically prepared to your class, so you can put forth your best effort. You will then be happy with yourself, and proud of your accomplishments.

Katharine and teachers are pleased to help you with extra lessons for preparation for competitions and examinations. There will be regularly scheduled classes for competitors and those preparing for high level examinations. Start your lessons in plenty of time so that you will be ready and confident at the time of the competition or the examination.



Last updated: 2017-07-13


Telephone: 613-733-2206